“Dišeči dihur”
“Dišeči dihur” - Illustrations for the book "Dišeči dihur", author Mateja Perpar, collection "Nagajive pravljice", published by Ad Pirum, 2009.
“Rušnik” and “Trije šoštarji”
“Rušnik” and “Trije šoštarji” - Illustrations for the exhibition and the publication "Pirta, farca, fidinja - depictions of folklore tales from Bovec", published by SI ZDSLU, 2013. 
The Atlantic Wall
The Atlantic Wall - Illustrations for the book "The Atlantic Wall, authors J.E. Kaufmann, H.W. Kaufmann and Vladimir Tonić, published by Pen & Sword, Great Britain, 2011. 
Reginina restavracija
Reginina restavracija - Illustrations for the book "Reginina restvarcija", author Mateja Perpar, collection "Nagajive pravljice", published by Ad Pirum, 2009.
We never imagined such a war
We never imagined such a war - Illustrations for the exhibition "We never imagined such a war" at the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia in Ljubljana, marking the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War (opened June 21, 2014 - May 2015).
Vienna Sketches
Vienna Sketches - Two illustrations for an unfinished publishing project "Vienna Sketches", Vienna 2012.
The Maginot Line
The Maginot Line - Illustrations for the book "The Maginot Line", authors J.E. Kaufmann, H.W. Kaufmann, A. Jankovič Potočnik and P. Lang, published by Pen & Sword, Great Britain, 2011.
The Stična Monastery, Slovenia
The Stična Monastery, Slovenia - An attempt of a reconstruction of the Stična Monastery as it must have appeared in the XVI Century, drawn for the Mavrica (Rainbow) magazine.
From Door to Door
From Door to Door - An illustration – children’s game - a part of the jubilee exhibition “Door to Door” marking the 50th anniversary of the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum (SEM).