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Aleksander J. Potočnik

Erwin Rommel’s Blue Max

Or Just What did Rommel do to Deserve the Highest German Military Medal?

Few people know that already during the First World War German military leader Erwin Rommel played a significant role, especially during the breaking of the Italian front line in 1917. Through words, photos, maps and illustrations this book describes in detail his amazing achievements. In the wake of the 12th Isonzo Battle the Commander of the German Alpine corps, General Otton von Bellow personally promised the “Pour le Merite” award to the first German officer who reached the peak of Mount [...]

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , 2014

Branko Drekonja in Aleksander J. Potočnik

Hemingway’s Trail

Of The Novel A Farewell to Arms

This work focuses on the period which has, due to its historic and epic dimensions, marked profoundly and quite possibly forever the valley of the Soca River, or Isonzo, as it is usually known in historic literature, speaking about the First World War and the Twelve Isonzo Battles. In this regard the area of the Kanal community has a special privilege to feature in history and literature not as only a site of fighting but also to be remembered in the words of one of the most famous writers of th [...]

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , 2012

Aleksander J. Potočnik with Vladimir Tonić and Mateja Perpar

Fortifying Europe’s Soft Underbelly

The Rupnik Line, the Vallo Alpino and Other Fortifications of the Ljubljana Gap

This is the story of the Rupnik Line, the Vallo Alpino and other fortifications of the Ljubljana Gap in the former Yugoslavia before, during and after World War II. They are covered in detail by a Slovenian author who has visited, researched and recorded the existing remains. This book deals mainly with two fortification systems controlling the passage through the so-called Ljubljana Gap. These are the eastern part of the Vallo Alpino, built by Fascist Italy, and the Rupnik Line, built by the Ki [...]

Published by: Meriam Press , 2012

Aleksander J. Potočnik

Slovenian Fortifications

A Guide to Fortifications in Slovenia and Surrounds

Printed in colours and in bilingual version (English and Slovenian language) Slovenian Fortifications is a comprehensive and easily readable overview of systematic fortification of the area covering present day Slovenia and its surrounds. It covers periods from Roma era to present. It covers fortification systems such as the Claustra Alpium iuliarum, the Rupnik Line and the Vallo Alpino, the network of anti-Ottoman fortifications and the ring of forts surrounding [...]

Published by: Ad Pirum , 2008

Aleksander J. Potočnik

The Ring of Wire

Fortifications Around Ljubljana 1942-1945

This bilingual book (English and Slovenian) describes the unusual fortifications erected around Slovenian capitol of Ljubljana by Italians in 1942. The ring of wire, defended by brick-built machine-gun bunkers was supposed to defend the city against the partizans (resistance movement) as well as to contain the city’s population. Taken over by Germans in 1943 It virtually transformed the city into a large concentration camp. The citizens enthusiastically dismantl [...]

Published by: Ad Pirum , 2006