Aleksander J. Potočnik

Rupnikova linija in Alpski zid

Utrjevanje rapalske meje med letoma 1932 in 1941
Rupnikova linija in Alpski zid

The first ever comprehensive work about fortifications along the former border between then kingdoms of Yugoslavia and Italy. After receiving some valuable archive material via SiteO web site from its chief director, American historian and writer, Joe Kaufmann, Jankovič Potočnik was able to explore the remnants of the former Yugoslav defence line built in years 1935-1941 against fascist Italy and Germany. Presently located on the territory of the republic of Slovenia this fortified system seemed to be completely forgotten. The author was the first to familiarise world’s public with it’s existence at the SiteO and later, thanks to the recommendation by Joe Kaufmann, via articles in English Fortress Study Group’s magazine “The Fort” and in French “Magazine 39-45”. The foreword was written by Miha Naglic.

The book “Rupnikova linija in Alpski zid” by Aleksander Jankovič – Potočnik represents a complete overview of the two confronted defence systems. On 220 pages with 85 present and 48 archive photographs and with 28 original plans, drawn by Vladimir Tonic and 12 archive plans the book tells the history of the border, how it was fortified and what role the fortifications actually played in the course of the Second World War.

The book is written in Slovenian but an extensive English summary should give a rather good insight to the subject to other readers as well. The book was sold out a year after it has been published in 2004.


Galerija 2, 2004